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Thank you for your patience everyone! VC Factions will finally be released, we apologize for the long wait. Tomorrow, April 30th, it will be released. We hope to see you all online having a fun time. You can connect through, and walk into the factions portal or do /factions. :) 

30 Apr 2016, 05:22 1 | 374

As you guys might've heard, VC is a hub server now with multiple different game modes, all including pvp. Our mixture of HCF, Factions, and OP Factions has opened new experiences and has created a big step for VC's potential and the sake of the server. All players, especially new members are invited to enjoy the VC experience and able to witness the creativity, designing, and work all of the staff contributed to make VC better than it has even been. Thanks for reading this important message and keep an eye on other information given!

22 Apr 2016, 01:43 1 | 474